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What’s growin’ on DGC!?

Ever get stoned and decide you’re gonna build some shit, or experiment with something in your grow? Check out this little setup.

At one time, I used this mini-fridge as a stealth set up in our attic. As you can image I out grew it pretty quickly. I had been using it to start seeds in, and for extra veg space until I had this idea. MINI DWC!

With my stoner engineer mind, some things laying around the house, and a little pocket change, I put this thing together fairly quickly.

I went to the store and picked up an $8 aquarium pump, a $3 package of air hose, a $2 package of air stones, and a few hydro baskets for $1. So roughly $15 spent in materials. The container used is from a powdered supplement I had, and holds about a 1/4 gallon of water.

To start the seed I packed some Foxfarm Coco Loco in the basket, placed the seed directly in the soil, then covered the soil with half of a clear plastic cup, to hold in the moisture. About 72 hours later I had a seedling poking out.

We are now at week 4 and she is super happy,  and super hungry. I’ve been feeding her a regimen of Green Leaf Nutrients – MegaCrop and Microbe Life – Photosynthesis plus.

The strain is one of my auto flower crosses called Ramrod F2, which is LSD-25 x Anvil F6. She gets really purple and has a nice spiced out, incense type funk going on, when she fully flowered.

This has been really fun to watch the explosive growth that comes with dwc, and I’ll definitely be doing it again. Once she really starts to flower, I’ll update the post with some more pictures.

Thanks for everything DGC!