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Hi Guys,

I just startet my first grow last week after buying my first house. I’m leaning towards installing a minisplit so I can run the room sealed, mainly because I am in the UK and think venting outside would be more risky but also because it seems like the best way for me to control the environment. Becuause it is the UK, AC units are practically unheard of on resedential properties so I would rather not have the condenser outside. Does anybody have any experience with putting the condenser in the loft so it is out of sight? I would fit an AC infinty temp controlled duct fan to vent the space so it doesn’t over heat. That way its a single external vent. It also means if I ever want to use the other loft as a grow space I could just fit another mini split without having to put in any more external holes which could draw attention.

Anything I’m not thinking about here that would amke this a bad idea?