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OK now that I have whole house setup as a garden, I am becoming increasingly conscious about my energy usage.  I’m gonna list the measures I have taken to minimize my footprint, and I’m hoping you guys have some awesome feedback and suggestions.

  • Flower room lights (2 x ROI-E680 and 4x AgroMax PureUV T5) run 11 hour light cycles at full power.
  • 2x AC Infinity Controller 76 for my AC and dehumidifiers in flower room to run as close as I can to VPD charts.
  • Flower lights run 6 pm to 5 am currently, I’ll move them closer to 8 pm to  7 am when the summer approaches.
  • Veg light (HLG 300L Bspec) in 5×5 veg tent runs at full power but I run 12 hours light and then 5 hours dark, 1 hour light, 5 hours dark.  I think this is called lamp-lighting or something in grower vernacular.
  • Just added a 3×3 flower tent with OpticLED GMax 300 with smart controller, controller is supposed to help save 15% in electricity using sunrise/sunset feature and dimmable spectrum zones.

My electric company charges a premium during the hours of 12 noon to 4 pm.  So I keep everything dark during that time.  Right now I have a single-hose AC in my flower room, I’m trying to get that replaced with a window unit of the appropriate size, but the window slides open to the side and I’m not the handyman I used to pretend I was.

Super grateful for the crop-steering guides, especially the VPD ones, I know I’m saving energy running the parameters recommended in that vs the colder temperatures and drier humidity I was pushing before.

I have started cleaning my filters for my AC, humidity equipment and fans on a regular schedule, I know this helps with efficiency.  Neglecting them for my first year of growing was acceptable, but no more.   I am looking at adding CO2, I know the energy costs on that are next to none and it’ll help me increase my yield, but I need to take care of the single-hose AC situation in flower first.

Appreciate any suggestions or comments the community may have, I know I’m tackling my carbon footprint via compost and look forward to growing organically.