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After getting the mini split, dehumidifier, adding CO2, and sealing the room, I’m averaging about 12% increase in yield.  And just so you know, I’m not saying this to “justify” my expense.  The 12% increase is based on REAL numbers per plant.  Time may skew this number a bit, but so far, since installing in July/August, my numbers are averaging over 18zips per plant (each under a 600W light), instead of 16zips per.  I was hoping for a little more than 12%, but I’ll take it.  If you’re considering upgrading to a sealed room, don’t expect to “Double” your yields, or anything close to that.  Be reasonable, and be realistic about how much it’s going to cost you.  Only you can determine if it is really worth it.
This Purple dream produced 20.7 zips, under a single 600W light.  This picture taken a week before chop.
Plants do finish SLIGHTLY faster with an optimum environment.  I’ve been running my same emdog and purple dream pheno since August of 2014, and these two plants always take a full 9 weeks to finish.  Now, with the new environment, buds are showing me amber trics after 7 weeks, and at 8 weeks, they are starting to yellow up slightly, even before I start to flush.  That NEVER happened before.   I’m taking plants down at 8.5 weeks now, where before I took it at 9.
Buds are more purple, hands down.  Cooler temps?  Dryer air?  Temp difference between night and day?  Everything is more purple; even Emdog, which never turned purple before.
Emdog, before mini split, above.
Emdog, after mini split, just before flush (same pheno).
Quality is better.  I thought I had good quality before, but now it’s even better.  The buds even smell better.  I know that sounds like a stoner thing to say, but it’s true.  Here are a couple random buds out of the jar.  Not the biggest, not the smallest.  Just some average buds.

The electric bill is higher.  I’m running the mini split to cool the room, instead of using house or outdoor air.  And the dehumidifier is running almost 50% of the time.  In a sealed room with lots of plants, the humidity will raise 1% a minute.  Yep.  In 15 minutes, my humidity will go from 50% to 65%.  It doesn’t matter what the humidity is outside.  The energy the dehu uses is the same that a 600W bulb would use.  Here’s a chart from the iponic, showing my dehu kicking on and off.


On a side note… this is why the “Co2 on, exhaust fan off” method of using CO2, is simply a waste of time.  If you have a room full of plants, you won’t be able to run the co2 more than 30 minutes before you’ll have to exhaust the humid air.

MiniSplits, CO2, and other fancy, expensive, gear, are no substitute for a skilled grower.  Remember kids, nothing GOOD happens fast.  Only bad things happen fast.  If you’re still learning to grow in your 4×4 tent, that’s great; I was there not too long ago.  There are 100 OTHER things you can do to make a pound of bud per 600W light.  In other words, you can’t “BUY” your way to being a better grower.  A more expensive guitar won’t make you play better.  A more expensive grow room, won’t make you grow better.  Pay your dues, and when you’re producing a zip per sq ft of flowering space, at that time, it may be time to upgrade.

And if you’re not doing it Capn Style, I don’t know what the F__K you’re doing!

A handful of Purple Dream, waiting for the Capn to chop it up.

NOTE:  Some of my pictures are taken with a flash, which highlights the purple colors, but these pictures are straight from the Samsung Note 4 camera phone.  No editing or effects done, only re sizing and cropping.