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I’m not high – I feel like i made this post already. But nothing is under my account for several weeks. If so I’m sorry. Here are a few autos i wanted to show at day 55-56 from seed. In hopes to remove some autoflower hate. Gas reaper mint macaroon. Ethos lemon berry candy og from the multipass subscription. A barneys farm and 420fast buds also in the tent. Its a 4×4 tent that has gotten way too crowded. The light I’m using is a viparspectra 400watt light. I’m feeding floraflex and aptus fasilitor (silicic acid). Gave Recharge until week 2 of flower (I ran out). I have to put the cloudline filter on tomorrow since I’m getting messages of the back yard and pool area smelling like my grow. But it has been a really fun learning experience as my first run with coco. Its way different! 5 gal fabric pots with tupur coco. Taking 1-1.5gallons each of water daily. I’m very happy with the results of them. After all they are “JuSt AuToS”.