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Hey DGC,

Here is MAC from Valencia Seeds day 63. I am growing four clones from a seed I started outside this year. Sadly to say the outdoor girl got totally decimated by caterpillars eating and shitting all over it and bud rot completely engulfed it. I got these girls in 20 gallon no till pots. Pre-amended with soft rock phosphate, gypsum, bio-char, compost, year old bokashi and basalt. Top dressed with a plethora or DTE dry amendments. Top dressed with about a cup a week before flower and a cup around week 2 or 3. Recharge and potassium silicate once a week. Interesting how they faded at different times. Front left went first and has just a little more biomass than the rest. Then went the back two now the front right is just starting to fade. All on the exact same regiment.