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Hey DGC,

I was just gifted a plant from a friend who moved and couldn’t take her with him. It’s a cannarado lemon something or other, cant really remember the name right now. Anyways, they put the plant in Miracle grow… gross. I want to save the plant for them and grow it out. I have a new 2×4 gorilla grow tent with a 2×4 grassroots living soil bed full of great lakes water only. I have room for the new plant in the bed, but not sure how I feel about transplanting it into a my organic bed with the miracle grow on it. It’s in a 5 gal ceramic container with terrible drainage, so i was thinking of maybe transplanting it into a a 7 or 10 gal with a living soil mix and just putting the fabric pot on top of the bed so the soils don’t mix, but the roots could grow into the bed. What do ya’ll think? Am I over thinking the miracle grow messing with my living soil? Give me some ideas DGC.

Thanks yall are the best,