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What up, DGC!

I am dealing with what appears to be light burn on my Mephisto Genetics 3 Bears OG autos in week 7 starting to flower nicely. I’m seeing some yellowing in between the leaf veins and noticing leafs getting very “sleepy” a couple hours before lights-out. I am running 2 HLG 320XG vSpec R2s in a 5X5 GGT (6’11” high), and I’ve been keeping them close to around 2′ above canopy throughout the grow slowly turning up the wattage to get them used to it. Currently, the lights are ratchet strapped up all the way I can go (though there is still a lot of room I can go up with a different mounting method), and they are only 18″ above canopy. The lights are currently at full wattage, 320 x 2 lights.

I have 2 questions:

  1. When trying to mitigate light burn, is it better to first try raising the lights or lowering the wattage? Lowering the wattage seems most efficient to me, but I feel I can still push the plants better by maybe just raising the lights. Not sure?
  2. Looking for a grow hack — I currently have my HLGs mounted using ratchet straps and all the HLG included hardware. That leaves a 24″ gap between the tent ceiling and the lights with the ratchet straps completely pulled up. What’s a good way to modify the mounting of these lights so I can reclaim that 24″ of free space (or a chunk of that) in between the lights and the ceiling? I’m sure I can come up with something but want to get some of the DGC’s input. I’ve messed with doing this before on another fixture and it was a pain always trying to keep it balanced.