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I have to start this question with a big shout out to Eileen at Creatrix solutions. I use 03 in the garden for everything down to killing my morning breath. Anyone who’s ever worked with recharge in a white plastic hydroponic system would appreciate how sparkling clean I can get my reservoirs with the stuff. We got our tri oxy complete a few months ago and its fantastic. We had a minor technical issue with it at one point, I emailed Eileen and she was calling us within a half hour. She walked us through fixing it and we were back in business. Best customer service of any cannabis adjacent business I’ve worked with.

So my question is about foliar sprays and mixing with O3. Are there any reasons not to mix 03 with non microbial inputs like fulvic and kelp? Are there any good knock downs that could be mixed with 03 to kill both the adult and eggs of thrips and spider mites in particular, in one application?