While answering a question about my post with my Aussie Bastard, it was pointed out to me that I have another potential hack on my hands.

I got a few clones from a local friend a while back and on the top of the soil was this white layer. I asked him about it and, it’s poly-fill batting.

What’s the point? Well, if you live in a near desert like climate evaporation is a BIG problem, unless you’re automated, and when growing indoors infestation/ disease vectors can play hell on our girls. So to try to gain the benefits of a mulch layer while eliminating the possibility of pest and disease exposure, my dude added a layer of fast drying, breathable material, i.e. poly-fill. Sheets of batting are available at most big box, and fabric stores. The batting also provides a dry layer to further prevent soil pests, and disperses water for even saturation

Note: the cotton batting sucks for this use. It holds to much water, doesn’t breathe and starts to mold.

¡not related to the post but thought the show crew might be able to help, this is the second attempt at this post, I got a bad gateway/ timeout error (502 error) on my first try. Let me know if it was something I did please.