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yo what’s shakin DGC.

Recently pulled down my jilly bean grape from Mizz jill genetics. Fairly easy grow. Most of the larger colas had white mold between the stems. Heartbreaking. Probably lost 1/4 lb. Curing in a 2×4 ac infinity tent. Got the stems hanging from a clothes dryer rack. Indirect airflow w a hurricane clip fan. Set the controller to 60% and 65 degrees. There were a few times I hit Over 70 degrees. The humidifier was set to 55%. And had a dehumidifier set to 60% to keep it in range. Usually have everything set up in an InkBird to help turn things in and off when needed. The humidifier and dehu wouldn’t turn on automatically so i had to do a hard set in the units. But this time had some issues. Hard to keep temps down in Missouri right now. In the dry room approx 7 days. What’s the best way to keep my room at ideal temps and what should i prepare for next time so I can Avoid this?