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Hey guys! Remember me with the c99 that was too bushy?! Well I’m back and learned my lesson. After that grow I filled my 4×8 with 2 Cake&Chem and 1 cowboy cookies from Greenpoint seeds. The cowboy cookies came out nice and diesel and the 2 Cake&Chem came out with 2 different phenos, 1 was jet fuel and piney, the other reeked of berry candies! So due to the fact i didn’t clone these gals in veg as I didn’t know what to expect from the breeder but boy did I wish I did. I found another way. I reveged her back out! I started by harvesting each branch individually, I cut right above the lowest popcorn nugs and left as much leaf as I could. After which I put it under 24/0 lighting schedule. At this time it is very important not to overwater, avoid watering unless you have to. It won’t transpire much at this time. After about 3 weeks I started getting the expected single leaf, 3 leaf twisted leaf mutations as normal. 2 weeks later I had reg vegetative growth with multiple branches shooting from where the popcorns used to be. After so I put her back in the tent with the new lights for this round (2 enlite flora 780w’s). At this time I had the tent with one light off and the other at 35%, the tent stayed in the high 70s. 77ish id guess. I let her veg for about 8 more weeks. Than I laid down the ole trusty trellis net and sent her on its way. She’s looking great now entering week 7 and looking to push it 9 weeks in flower this time. If I reveged this plant out again but kept the same amount of nodes when switched to flower for a 3rd time would I lose yield or potency? The buds are much larger now but I have stronger lights now so that effects it more than the “reveg” has.  I have not been able to find any solid studies on reveged cannabis plants. Any pointers are appreciated.