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Wuuuuzzz uuppp! DGC!!

Glad to finally get to share and interact here on the site. Been a LONG time listener and lurker. Been following the dude for over 5 years now. Have gained lots of knowledge from the dude!

Well just to get it out of the way. I’m ANOTHER Florida native grower. That’s where it all started the abandoned acreages and overgrow.com

I’ve had a YouTube channel documenting my grows for over 7 years On 2 different channels. Cloccincash was my first and Monster OG has been my handle for over 5 years now.





I’ve been growing now going on 15 years total.  Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, Hoop house. Organic, synthetic, I’ve been a test grower for a lot of seed companies. Currently testing for Ocean Grown Seeds.

Really excited to share knowledge with all of the member here! A lot of you guys I am already familiar with but looking forward to meeting more of the crew!

Thanks for being awesome!