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Hello DGC!!

Just subbed to the Patreon, and I had a question! I have been hearing some things about reverting to a higher spectrum (5-10 kelvin) for the last 2 weeks of flower. I have a 5000k hlg 100 sitting around, and I was wondering if I should throw it in the grow this week to finish up this round?(also was considering putting it under the plants facing up)  I have a 240w QB with 660nm @3500k at the moment.

First time using organic dry amendments (Earth Juice) and I gotta say I love it! 240w QB in 2 gallon fabric pots w/ coco and perlite. 18”x30”x36” tent. Best looking crop I have had to date! A couple  weeks till the chop! Thanks for the time dudes! Shout out to prohibition land! We will get there one day! Cheers!