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Happy New Year!

Hello everyone,

I would like to thank you in advance for all of the help you have given me. I am in week 3 of flower of my first indoor grow. all is “ok” I have a lot to learn but it looks like I will have a successful grow under my belt soon. I will only have success because of the great advice I have found in the DGC community. It is quite the up front investment putting together a grow room, and if I fail it just gives my wife ammunition for how I wasted that cash so failure is not an option (I will call it a learning experience not a failure). I am worried about the dry cure process but that will be in February when the humidity here in central Florida should be a bit better.

I have some questions about Grow Dots. Do they contain micro nutrients, does the coco/perlite mix need to be amended? What is the ratio of coco/perlite? Do I top water recharge in a sip system or just put it down the tube? How do I mix with coco after I wet it? Do I let it dry a little bit, will the wet coco make the grow dots break down to fast? I have go bucket system in 5 gal containers will the 75 g be good for that volume? Do I have to wait the recommended veg time before flower or can I go into flower earlier? If I go into flower earlier do I need any additional amendments?

Thanks again,


P.S. I hope the new year provides lots of opportunities for all in the DGC.