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Hello DGC-

I’m beginning my journey into the world of organic soil growing. This is what I’ve gathered for soil so far. Planning on building around 6 square feet of soil as I’ll need 4.5 sq, ft. to fill the two containers I plan on growing in.

SOIL: Kis Organics Clackamas Coot Nutrient and Mineral Mix, Lambert Peat Moss, Wiggleworm Worm Castings, Lava Rock, C0ast Of Maine Lobster Compost, Wakefield Biochar Soil Conditioner and Recharge.

CONTAINERS: Will be growing in two 15 gallon square fabric containers from Grass Roots Pots. 2.2 cubic feet of soil each.

So before I start mixing and cooking/composting my soil mix I thought I would ask.

1.) Is there anything else I should add to mix.?

2.) I there anything on my list you would not put in the mix?

3.) Planning on cooking/composting in plastic garbage can for 7-8 weeks. Is this long enough?

Thanks to all who are helping me learn a new way of growing!