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I really appreciate your site, it is obvious to me that you know how to grow. Most comments on sites like rollitup etc are from not very knowledgeable people and can do more harm that good.

I’m starting a flood and drain system with buckets and rockwool. After cloning in the small rockwool cubes I plan to veg them in larger rockwool cubes either 4×4 or 6×6. These cubes will be on flood trays. In flower i’m using buckets with the really small rockwool cubes (about a 1/2 inch), I think they are called grow cubes. The buckets will be flooded from bottom up via a control reservoir.

I appreciated what you said about how it is bad practice to have small plants in large buckets, as you want to get the root system wet without having excess wet medium to build salt. I’m trying to decide if I should use six 4 gallon pots per light (4’x4′ area). Or use nine 3 gallon pots.

Thanks for you advice.