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What’s up dgc. This is my first post been a lurker and patreon member for about a year now. Found yall while researching how to grow. And been hooked since. thanks to y’all guys i found the confidence to go for it. This is my first grow. Haven’t harvested yet but not much longer. This is morning vibe 2.o from jinx proof. She’s the prettiest lady in my garden frosty and stinky. Cant give a terp profile as i lost most my sense of smell from a sinus infection as a teen. But she’s dank. It was grown under led lights i made. And organic soil made from mostly build a soil products. Oh and Recharge. Cant forget recharge Not up to par with some of these dank nugs yet. But plan to learn and get better. Sorry for the ramble. Thanks for all y’all do guys. much love.