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Wanted to start by saying love the show!!  Love what you guys are doing for the movement and the community. I live in a prohibition state where unfortunately I feel like the only grow talk I can do is to my girls to give a little co2 boost. Loose lips sink ships. Nice listening to people talk there mind openly without fear of prosecution  or social pressure. I sit here nervously wondering if just creating this account to ask you guys a question will incriminate me or provide ammunition for use against me. Anyway that won’t be the hill that kills me so onto the question. I have been a long time synganic grower for my potted plants. And have been able to deal with almost every problem along the way. The most frustrating and frequent to happen is when I bring in a new bag of soil, there is almost a 50% chance of having fungus gnats. I’m looking for information or even bro science about Bti bacteria found in common product like mosquito bits as a ipm for a bag of soil. Bacillus Thuringinensis subspecies Isrealensis. I’m wondering if there would be any Ill  effect(s) on my current beneficial bacteria/plant( recharge is on its way now from amazon!). Thanks again and stay healthy!! The DGC need you guys in more ways then to simple grow the Dank. END PROHIBITION!!