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What up DGC, Big day for us Vermonters, VT house just passed Cannabis Legalization, gonna see in the next few weeks another state added to the roster.  I have a quick question, does anyone have a feeding schedule for their mother plants, currently I’ve been using Canna Veg, Cannazym, and Canna Rhizotonic, Recharge, growing in Canna Terra Soil, PH-5.8-6.0, 600w MH USHIO Bulb.  Now that she is at a good size, what kind of feeding schedule that is cost effective ( i know No-till soil is the cheapest, but I am not ready to go that route until I purchase a home), appreciate the crew, and Scotty you need to do a Frank Zappa Joes Garage parody, aka scotty’s “grow” I can here it now, “It wasn’t very large, there’s just enough room to cram the can fan, in the corner over by the dudes van, it was 94 with a smashed up door, and a cheesy little tent, with a sign on the front said butane champ, and a second hand light, it was a Spectrum king LED……….