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Hello Dude, Scotty, Guru, and all of the DGC! Second year grower here from the free(ish) state of Michigan.

I’ve heard the term grow hacks mentioned a few times lately on the show. This along with Scotty mentioning the reason why he doesn’t SCROG due to the plants not being able to be moved easily I wanted to share my solution as I was feeling the same way.

I wanted to try my hand at a SCROG but with my perpetual setup I’m working on will require me to move my plants from my Veg room to my Flower room. Makes it kind of impossible to do so when they are woven throw a SCROG net. This is what I’ve done to work around this issue.

Basically I made a modular SCROG system for each plant out of 1/2 pvc and string. A 1/2″x2′ pvc pipe is a little over a dollar per and the fittings you can get in 30 packs for about $8. Each one has a couple of “T” fittings to attach the second level when needed.

That was the first part to solve my predicament. The second which is really specific to me and anyone who has a bad back and growing in large containers (15 gal for me) is actually moving the girls around. I have a herniated L4-L5 that makes moving these plants around very painful. I looked online for a plant caddy that was big enough for the 15 gal cloth pots to sit on and they were more $$$ then I wanted to spend. So I built my own using 1.5’x1.5’x1″ round project panels from the local Big Box store for about $7 per and 2″ casters off Amazon for less the $1 a piece. One completed caddy was roughly $11.
Where there is a will there is a way.

I Just wanted to share this with everyone. I have a few more hacks I’ve done over the past year such as an RO water distribution system, DIY humidifier, custom fogponic cloaner (works amazingly well, haven’t had a failed clone yet), the use of Smart Plugs (for scheduling light cycles, air intake, exhaust, etc), and my custom lighting solution using the amazing HLG boards. Too much for one post but I will share these things in the future.

Also want to give a shout out to my local Hydro/Grow shop Growers Outlet in Byron Center Michigan. They sling the Recharge as well.

Love the show guys and always looking forward to the next one to drop.

Much love from Michigan, happy growing!