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Heyy DGC guys and girls  I’m intending a move to Colorado at the end of March beginning of April .

yeay I can participate in the DGC cup.

I was wondering how I can find a 420 cool Apt./landlord.
I’m looking for a place anywhere from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs.

one or two bedroom apartment I don’t mind roommates as long as rooms is private of cures.

A little about me : I’m a 21 young guy originally from Israel (I do have American citizenship) I love music, philosophy, coulter, and art.  I’m a 420 grower and consumer and i play some acoustic guitar (not a pro)

I moved out to New York almost 2 years ago from Nebraska where I was working as a rabbi in a packing factory it hasn’t work out to good for me in New York so in intending to move out to Colorado to work as a hvac technician.

I’m more then happy to hear any recommendations and looking for any pointers.

thanks in advance Kobe