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Hi Dude, Scott & Guru.

Been watching the show for a little bit now and have learned a lot, really enjoy watching you guys with my morning coffee before going off to work always gets my day off on the right foot.

Been growing my own for a couple of years now and have my first photo in veg alongside my normal autos, will be flipping it in 3 weeks when the autos are done (1 photo and 2 autos in a 80x80x160 tent with a “Mars hydro eco 300” led). Using green planet nutes (medi one, terpinator, bud booster) with liquid sea weed and cal-mag. Plants are looking healthy, my small setup works for me.

My question is, in 2 weeks I’m moving house, with 2 autos near finish and a photo in veg (highly trained and topped) here in prohibition land (UK) I have to be a bit carefull. Do you think that I will be OK with a long dark cycle, if I put rubbish bags over them and keep them in the dark for moving day (in my car rather than moving van). If I get the tent set up when we are in the new house and start the light from the next day so that they are missing a day of light? Will being in the dark and the moving stress cause any issues?

Thanks guys and much love.

The main pics are my lemon shining silver haze (photo) heavily trained for a short bushy plant and the purple is an auto just starting to swell the buds

Ps the “fens” alluded to in my name is an area in the East of England. L