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Yo what’s shakin guys

I am using a spare bedroom 7’3” x12’ for a grow space/lung room right now. I have a 4’9” tent with a 4×4 flood tray and a 3×3 tent w a 3×3 flood tray. Running floraflex bubblers on a timer 32 gal brute trash can on casters w stir pump. I have recently received a huge roll of panda film for Christmas and have been considering moving on up out of the grow tents.  Having two tents makes it convenient to keep a perpetual grow going and not have to worry about 12 hours or 20 hours of light time and light leaks. I also Recently purchased an autopot system and am experimenting w grow buckets etc   Focused on quality rather than quality.  I’d really like to get back to photos on an auto watering system etc.  Dream is to have the 4×4 flood tray and fast fit frame on casters. Make it easier to get to the back plants.

any advice is welcome

thx growmies