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Hey Scotty n Dude, I just recently found ur podcast while watching Growmau5 (you tube)and reading comments on one of his vids a viewer referenced the dude grow show podcast, and I’ve been playing catch up listening to hours of DGC since. Well I love the show and its a great tool and just a relief to find ppl who talk about all the things cannabis so openly, Its a difference when u live in a prohibited state.  Well Ive been in the oil industry for nearly 16yrs and I have saved enough to make a move to yalls neck of the woods, Is there any counties in Colorado yall would recommend for me to scope out land? I would love to grow( small grow not acres) and just end up working at a Dispensary eventually, but I don’t mind working at a hydro store or what ever can be industry related,  I need to learn a lot( I’ve read book on cannabis since I was around 15) and I don’t mind starting at the bottom, for a hands on  education in weed..lol. to me as I think scotty said its defiantly not about the money for me im a realistic person with a passion for weed, and that’s cause I rarely even smoke( random drug screening in my line of work), I love the medical side of it and the idea of helping someone find the right strain for a ailment.  Also would yall know of any realtors that I could contact for land home etc. Keep up the good fight and god bless much love from the 3rd Coast.