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The ag 1000 was used on tobacco fields Increase was 20%. Now the new story. Here’s how we do it. Buy a bag of alfalfa meal and blackstrap molasses (wholesome sweeteners or barbados blackstrap) sulfured or not is o.k.. You will need a container with an airtight lid (a gallon milk bottle would be fine) and a funnel. Finally, get some EM1 microbial inoculant (teragenix or your grow store) Using the funnel pour in 1 cup of alfalfa meal and 3/4 cup molasses, 3/4 cup EM1. Fill the container with hot water Filter the water if you can if you have contamination issue, arsenic or chlorine, Screw on the cap shake to mix molasses. Check the container every day for the first couple weeks, unscrewing to release pressure. After a couple of weeks the amount of pressure will decrease and you will not have to keep gassing the product. It should have a “grassy” smell like hay and also sweet to sour smell from the fermented EM1. Dilution rates are debated from 1ml to 2oz. a gallon of water drench or “preferred foliar spray” Most plants grew 8 to 10 inches in 10 days. you should, since you are spraying leaves, mix in a sticker/wetting agent yucca extract? it will help agent stick to leaves as they grow and green up. Good for a year if stored out of sunlight. Veg once or twice a week. You can use it with any other foliar nutrients and inputs. spraying in flower is a you call it but monsters will erupt in veg with just one application as tested but can you imagine what happens with repeated spraying? Skunk magazine info 2020 article. I have used it and love it. A little work makes for very strong girls.