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Word Scotty and Dude!  I just wanted to be sure and thank you guys here on the DGC for the way you both had my back recently.  As I mentioned to the famz on Instagram,  I had a feed problem and a seed problem!  Before I knew it both of you guys were reaching out to help me on the same day!  Needless to say our household was very excited to to be in contact with you both.  I really enjoyed our phone call dude.  Super cool to talk to you hombre.  I hope discussing your grow lit a fire under your butt.  The incoming phone number said Colorado so that’s why I said “Who is this Banner?”.  Haha sorry man!  You guys rock and do so much for the DGC and the entire cannabis community.  We all appreciate you guys so much.  Peace, Love and Health to you guys and your families!🤙🏼RASUFA🤙🏼