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Thanks DGC!

You convinced me to pull the trigger and mulch my plants.  I only have 1 row partially done so far.  Four-five more trailer’s full (2 yards per) of woodchips to go.  I was trying to use clover as a cover crop instead of mulch, but the grasses and weeds are competing too much and the trellis net is a headache to work under. So, I’ll keep the clover in the walking paths only.  I may even purchase some king strapharia mushroom spawn to inoculate the woodchips with good eating.

This is my medical grow for the summer in my 26′ x 68′ “grow tent”.  Ammended natural soil with basic organic inputs (chicken bedding, aged compost, blood meal, bone meal, kelp meal, wood ash, inhouse biochar, epson salts, lime.  Weekly; recharge, mammoth p (August til October), FPE’s, and other fermented mixes and compost teas.

Plants are on 8′ centers,  trellised horizontally until they touch then allowed to grow vertically.

Drip irrigation set to run on my redneck Ai system.