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What’s up DGC! Not really a Dank Nug submission but how about Dank Trees.

Here’s pics of my outdoor grow using FF Ocean Forest amd FF Happy Frog with 20 % more perlite added. That got em thru veg no problem after I uppotted all the older girls to 7 gals.

I did a 115 grams of Grow Dots in each pot when I transplanted on July 15th. The girls are watered by my sprinklers 1x a day for 15 mins in the early morning and that keeps them happy for a day only with the weather were having here NY….hot and no rain!!

The lineup pictured below

Brothers Grimm Queen os Soul XX and Killer QueenXX,

Bulldog Cafe of Amsterdam’ Sour Diesel

ILGM Purple Punch and Tropicana Cookies

Elite Clonez GMO Cookies, Vermont Sour Diesel and Kush Mintz (clonez taken of ea!)

Darth Vadeer OG bag seed mother.

These girls were all topped multiple times to keep them short but as you can see the sativas are stretching now as the flower stage comes on. I noticed the stretch started around  July 1st on almost all the girls except the Vader.

The two BroGrimm XX fired up first.

The biggest plants in 7 gals were started in April and brought out after Mothers Day. The Elite Clonez plants were started in June.

If I would’ve planted in 10gal they would have been even bigger.

I couldn’t have gone this far without you guys!

Thanks much fellas.