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Wanted to share my story, experience so that it might help someone in the future. I live in prohibition land up north and it’s cold as balls. My VPD was being impossible to maintain and my plants looked like ass. I grow in an ebb and flow system (10 plants) in a spare room in the basement. Tile floor and sheet rocked room. I painted the walls and ceiling with killz to help keep mold at bay. Well I finally figured my furnace was sucking out the humidity from my room! Only way to correct that was to seal off the room and cut off air flow. (77 degrees under MH lights and 40% humidity) unable to spring for a co2 set up, my wife found mushroom bags! $38 at my local hydro shop and they last for 9 months! The room is 13 x 9 feet so I bought 2 bags and my plants look amazing! I’m able to keep the room at 77 degrees with 67% RH. Cheap alternative that worked for me and my set up.

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