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Well… after having good luck with my photo periods and getting my environment locked in. I thought I would give autos a try and see what I can come up with. Popped 2 BlackBerry gum autos and both shower solid tap roots in less than 48 hrs. Planted both into rapid rooters in a dome (humidity is not an easy task this winter). So I noticed as the seeds grew up and out 1 of them had a hard time kicking the shell off. I gave it 24 more hours until I decided to gently help it with tweezers. With little effort it came right off and everything looked healthy. As time went on and roots came out the bottom I put them into 3 gallon air pots in FF ocean forest with a thin layer of FF seed starting soil that the roots would grow in first as to hopefully reduce shock. The plant that started off slowly began to have a burnt look to its baby leaves so I gave it a light light flush thinking that the roots hit a hot spot in the ocean forest. This seemed to have stopped the “burn” but growth has slowed and plant looks horrible to be honest. Its sister that was planted at the same time is doing great in the same conditions. Both plants have had 6.2 ph balanced water with no added nutes yet. Overwatering should not be a factor as just like dude I tend to run things until they are on the almost to dry side of the spectrum lol. I’ve scoped for bugs and have no sign. Forgot to mention they are under a 600w meizhi cobs that I believe pulls 240 from the wall. It was hung at 30″ from beginning to now as I’m dropping down to 24″ for the sake of the healthy plant. Light cycle is 20 on 4 off. Current conditions 74-78°F and 40-55 RH.

Hopefully pics are clear for you to see, but is this plant worth growing out or should it be trashed being that it’s a stunted auto? How can you tell if you are growing something mutant or bad genetics in that particular pheno? I will also post pics of the healthy sister. Thanks for the help brothers! P.s I know… I know… I need to get on the mycorrhizae game lol hopefully pick some up soon.