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First – Dudes, thank you for all the hard work you put into your shows and podcasts. I hear the things you say and I make adjustments in my grow accordingly. All your advice has bettered my plants and made me more confident in my growing abilities. Because of this, I just became a monthly member and I’m using Recharge for the first time on my current grow. I’ve been very happy with the results so far. I’ll be looking into those Radicle Bags you guys keep talking about!

On my second grow, I germinated 6 Diesel seeds (all from Growers Choice seeds) and when this one started growing, it immediately looked different than the others. It seemed like a runt right out the door and it never grew a leaf with more than 5 blades. Most had only 3.  In fact, after the 6th or 7th node, the leaves started developing with only a single blade, and continued to grow that way for quite some time.

To free up room in my grow cabinet, I moved her outdoors to finish flowering. At the end of flower, her buds were very small and looked like they should at around week 4. I’m not disappointed about it, but I’ve always been super curious about why this happened.

All seeds were from the same company and the others did fine under the same conditions. My question is: Can a cannabis seed be harboring some sort of weird rogue genetic that makes it do this, or is it something completely different?

Also, I heard you talking about it today… Let Kushman know that people still LOVE his Strawberry Cough. I have 4 of them growing right now.