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What’s up DGC!! Long time back bench watcher/reader and can safely say the advice I have had and the knowledge I have received from the DGC is second to none, I have gone from beginner rubbish to decent yields following the advice, keep it up!!

Got a quick question for you guys, Mutations in cannabis, good or bad?

Reason for asking this, well!! I bought 3 beans, Seedstockers Purple Punch Auto, now the first bean popped (with 2 other autos) and she grew nicely, for 12 weeks while the other 2 autos finished, she was still in veg, so yep a photoperiod, she yielded well though, didn’t grow massive, just BIG ass buds! Now, this second bean that I have (from the same packet) has some other freakish behaviour going on, she has grown tall, not in the slightest, she is 5 weeks old, 9 inches high, but bushy, damn she bushy. One day in the garden I started noticing leaves growing out of the centre of the fan leaves, so as you do, jump straight in and start having a closer look, so it appears I have the following mutations in this baby…

1. Leaves growing through the centre of fan leaves.

2. The lower branches have different sets of fan leaves growing from the nodes. One has the standard 2, one has 4, and the other 3 have 3.

3. Main fan leaves growing from the main cola/stalk some have 8 fingered fan leaves, some have 9 some 10!!

So, now I’m in the land of f**k knows what to do!! Any of you guys/girls out there had anything like this before?

Happy Growing