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I’m in week 4 of an 8-week flowering strain that I know very well as I have grown it many times. I know that I average 2.5oz-3oz per plant at 8 weeks of flower. If flowering stopped right now it would be about an oz a plant. This last month is when the weight starts packing on. My grow style is basically run hard and move it out of the way. The people don’t care about excuses.

So, the experiment will be to try and shave a week off of the flowering time in the final month, and the result could be either of two extremes, either a week is shaved off for the same yield or I lose a lot of weight per plant.

The experiment – 24 on 12 off on a 7 day timer

There is no way to work this out so it evens out over 7 days so one day will be a 48 hour light period. The choice is either that or make one day a 12 hour light period, so I’m going with the extreme.

I will update in a new post with the results. I dry the plants as full plants, and trim and weigh them one at a time and have done it so many times on this strain I know it will be 2.5oz each or slightly more. A couple of them always throw a four ouncer but by and far it ends up 2.5-3oz on the vast majority.

I call it the “$1000 experiment” because thats what it will cost me on a stunted harvest if it goes horribly wrong.

I’m using Smart Life Wifi plug timers in this flower room mainly because they are easy to program and I can monitor and set using a phone app. Running 4 HLG 550 R-spec lights with 4 timers. If it works, there’s more rooms to convert. If it doesn’t work, it was a dumb ass failure to be moved on from.