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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to all the DGC family world wide. Shout out from the UK hope all are well. Just thought I’d drop in and update y’all with my new grow with my new light. Rocking the maxibright daylight 660w LED PRO….its a badass light. This time round i decided to go with some free seeds i got with my last online purchase. Got 6 ZKITTLEZ feminized breeder unknown grown in soil we just transitioned from the 1 ltr starter pot  to 5 litre veg pot the girls are currently 4 weeks old fed on SHOGUN nutrients with great white and biosys and some mycochum for the microbes. Started off on 25% light strength 28°c and 80% humidity then to 50% light strength dropping temps to 27/26°c with 60% humidity when I transplanted and that is we’re we are now. At 1st just light LST then HST, I have topped 1 snapped 2  and stuck to bending and pinning the rest also removing fan leaves. Basically just getting the structures right. In a weeks time I will start trimming and  lollipopping them all and maybe supercrop 1 or 2 start experimenting and improving on my techniques. The little wooden thermostat serves a double purpose for when the digital 1 fails I will have that as backup but also it is hanging at the correct distance the light needs to be from the canopy of 20″ so it’s a guide to make sure the lights are never to close. 😁 we’ll that’s me for now DGC I will update again in a few weeks hope you like my post welcome any comments. STAY LIFTED 👊😗👌💨💚