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This is my 4th grow and definitely the best, thanks to the DGC and Dude Grows Show. Grow info: Harlequin Fem Fast by Greybeard Select,  600 watt Bloomspect and HLG 100, Mars Hydro 2x4x5 tent, tent, coco, Foxfire trio (at full strength), Cal-Mag, and the mighty Recharge. Fed every other day.  The bigger one I just harvested. The smaller is a clone I took from the other. She will grow another week or two. These are the hardest I’ve ever trimmed. Small fan leaves hide in the bud and make for some tough manicuring. I grew this because I like the higher CBD strain mixed with higher TCH strains to give me a mellow buzz. Harlequin is not always easy to find, so I decided to grow my own supply and not worry whether someone carried it at the dispensary. This was my most enjoyable and rewarding grow yet. I love taking care of the cannabis plant. There is a symbiotic relationship-we work together to make each other happy. At the end of her time, if I’ve taken good care of it, she offers her appreciation with awesome buds. Thanks guys for the entertainment and information. Good luck and I can’t wait to see whet you have planned for 2021!