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HEY DGC, a couple questions. Just got my lab results back from two strains, both claiming 1 to 1 THC to CBD, each around 18%-21%. Both had 20% THC and NO CBD….the name of the damn strains have CBD right in them….gorgeous ladies as you can see, but not packin’ the CBD heat AT ALL…to Quote the OG DUDE…”a real bummer man”. I’m growing medicine for Veterans and while it wasn’t all wasted time (still some pretty dank smoke) I was looking for medicine with CBD. Since I’ve never grown CBD and have only tried a CBD joint, never even a 1 to 1, I’m not sure what to expect.

FIRST QUESTION: Is it possible to fuck up and destroy the CBD while getting decent THC numbers? or were those just some shit pollen chucker seeds?

SECOND QUESTION: What are some bomber dank CBD strains, 1 to 1’s or just really great medicine?

We just ordered some Medical Glue by Sin City Seeds from Seeds Here Now and Rasta Jeff hooked us up with some Orange Gasm and Bebop, other than that, the seeds I bought from the international seller can’t be trusted, so I’m in need of more beans. Sound Off DGC, what’s some great CBD rich medicine and where can I find the beans?