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Great show guys, I’ve been neglecting my other podcasts because of you all. Not cool man, not cool.  Anyhow, this is less of a question and more of a grow hack I just couldn’t figure out how to post one on the grow hack page.

I was listening to a show this evening on my way home from the shop and a guy was talking about making a co2 rig with yeast and stuff.  I have a friend who runs a yeast bucket and it works fairly well but for just a few bucks more this one works better and it doesn’t smell.

It’s actually a co2 generator for fish tanks. Actually all it really is, is blue plastic manifold that you use in conjunction with a couple 2 ltr soda pop bottles. One is filled with baking soda and water the other gets citric acid and water. Every other day or so the bottles and all get shaken and you simply squeeze one bottle to give a mix of the two solutions, then wait for the pressure to get into the green and open the valve. The solution lasts about a week before it looses its efficacy and needs to be replaced. I added a solenoid switch/valve that I can run with an old timer that I had laying around. The zip tied the outlet hose to my oscillating fan can and BaBOOM CO2 enrichment! Anyhow, the whole set up complete with the soda and acid ran right at $60.

Don’t get me wrong, this set up has its limitations, I ran it in a 4×4 tent and it would hold the CO2 at right around 1000 ppm, but in my 4×8 it doesn’t do nearly as well hitting only about 600 ppm. Long story short, if your running a smaller set up this might be a viable option for you.

Last shot is of the tents current occupants, my son and daughter in law are in the middle of their first grow. The back two are Blueberry muffin and the front two are Strawberry Banana bag seed.  Guys, guys, they’ve taken my happy place from me, I offered to help when needed and they’ve taken over. It’s all good though, they are killing it, there’ll be fresh flower I’m a couple weeks and I’m up to bat next run. Think I’ll do a seed run. Later.
Baking Soda $3
Manifold $26
Solenoid $17
Citric Acid $14