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Wow. I must say Auto’s can be Useful. I put 3 in my tent too fill some holes I have. Growing 2 Photos from ace seeds. Free-be’s a friend of my son gave me. I bought some Auto’s out of Michigan(Auto Mazar) came the next day too.. Used the General Organic starter Grow box. Fox Farm soil with 1/3 perlite. feed them meat and tator’s-1 feed. Recharge-1 feed. Mammoth p 1 feed. just went too finishing mode. Hit them with Ruby flush and winter frost. For ladies last week of dance class. Ro water at 6.5 ph. They have stopped drinking and await the 48 hour dance of the 48 hour darkness and joyous harvest (the auto’s 70 days) Photos are in week 3 of flower and are doing ok. So I just used those auto to fill Blurple mar’s hydro 720w (tehe 296W) 2×4 x8 gorilla stealth mad some real nice medicine for my girl who I love. The nug’s have a Earthy grapefruit smell with a caramel mimosa undertones with a fiery spritz of watermelon for the finish.


Thanks guys Love the show.

..And Guru

And Kyle
Reno Fatty