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Hey DGC,

I am a new grower coming at you from the GROZARKS. I put my first beans in the ground in Late July and harvested them during the first week of October. I’ve been listening to you guys for about a year now and you have given me such a great knowledge base to start off with and gave me the confidence to know I could make it to harvest. These plants were grown with Nectar For the Gods and RECHARGE!!! (Onto my 2nd pound of recharge already) I hanged dried these as full plant for 2 weeks in my basement (65F/65%RH) and then put them in the jar and burped them for a few days before my Boveda packs came in. These are a couple of my dankest nugs from my first harvest (Perpetual Autoflower grow in a 5×5 tent with a 4×4 garden bed). I will have to give you guys some more details about the grow in another post and tell Scotty how I have accomplished to use a garden bed inside a tent and not have 90% humidity lol. The green nugs are Stardawg Auto’s and the purple are Crystal M3TH Auto’s from FAST BUDS (From SHN). The Crystal looks like a perfect bud for Halloween with its dark purple and orange hair, so fitting for this time of year. But being my first grow I did stunt them with some over-watering in the beginning trying to get my red clover cover crop established and I did no training and just let them go but in about 70 days I had 2 ounces of the best quality bud I’ve had since I last hit a Colorado dispensary 5 years ago. I know the quantity isn’t there yet, but I’m dialing in my environment better everyday (although now¬† I’ve already started training and Topping the next generation of girls that are keeping the perpetual grow going. I have been on the Seed Grab Live Youtube chats hanging with some of the DGC Fam, but this is my first post and I feel like now I’m officially part of the crew. I love the community and I can’t wait to keep on knocking down prohibition and growing dank ass nugs in the process. Oh and did I mention, I’m a newly licensed pharmacist waiting for dispensaries to open up in MO so I can finally spread the love of this plant to the people of my community as well. I am on Cannabuzz as well (same name) and shout out to JR and Q for making that a wonderful community as well and if you like Rasta Jeff and his genetics you can’t miss it there!!!