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Greetings Dude, Scotty, Guru and all DGC. I’ve been growing my own medicine for a bit over 2 years now; watching the show for about one. I must say that since I started watching my knowledge of growing, and plants in general; has been widely expanded. This, and all the resources you guys make available to us growers has encouraged me to start my first full organic living soil grow.  I decided to go with seeds, Peyote Gorilla, and Amnesia Haze. I used builds a soil’s potting soil version 3.0 in 20 gal fabric pots with about 250 red wigglers,  (free castings, oh yea!) A layer of barley straw mulch. Some inputs I used, (also from build a soil), cover crop blend, and craft blend nute pack, build a bloom, alfalfa and kelp meal, insect frass. I watered with compost/casting tea, banana peel tea, and of course recharge. Light is an HLG 260W QB V2 R-Spec DIY kit. Made sure to use coupon code dude lol p.s wish I had better pics of the finished product.