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Hey DGC I hope you all are having a great holiday and staying safe! Today also happens to be me and my wife’s 2nd wedding anniversary and today inspired me to finally post again on here my recent (and 1st large) success in my growing career. I couldn’t have done it without the dgc. I’ve been listening you guys and rasta Jeff every day for over a year now and first started growing back in August.

These Mephistos Sour Stompers were the first plants I’ve grown inside their own container (Been in a 4 x 4 garden bed) and I opted to go the coco and castings methods aka synganic!! I transplanted (day 17) 2 of the three into 5 gallon radical bags and left one in the 1 gallon and topped them around day 21/22. No other training besides leaf tucking. Watered them about every other day or so until they got into flower and then I started blasting them with some high EC (2.5/1250 ppm) fertigation throughout flowering (5 weeks) until I started flushing them about 10 days ago. They have finally started fading a little bit they may not fully fade out before I chop them. These girls are at day 80 from seed and wreak of straight dirty gym socks with lavender undertones.

They were grown under a migro 240 watt array under an 18-6 light cycle. I used most of the Nectar For the Gods line (calcium based) so it plays well with coco, recharge and foliar feeding (until high EC fertigation started)with homemade FPJ and some apple cider vinegar. Started flushing with SLF-100 at the start of week 11.

Could not have accomplished this without the help of the DGC. Thanks for all of the great content, because without it I wouldn’t be half as far in my skills. I can’t wait for the Rona to be over with so I can finally meet some of you guys!

Stay safe and keep growing strong fam! #growerslove