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What up DGC!

I thought I would do an update on my first run of autos before I put the chop to them. I had posted these in December they are 2 freebies I had received from Seedsman (MOC) Blue Amnesia. They are growing in a 2×2 under an hlg 100 v2 in 3000 k in a grow box or earth  box I found on sale at Walmart. I gather this is similar to a hempies bucket ( not fore sure though). Anyhow they are at 90 day’s and trichomes about where I want them mostly cloudy with 10-15 % amber. Seedsman allows that they should finish in 60-75 days, but they weren’t there yet , maybe due to my organic method? Not an issue with me as summer harvest was bountiful and I  enjoy watching the grow and learning, For anyone wondering about the hlg 100  in a small space, I would say that for around 200$ for a light and a tent, you can definitely get er did. Thank you guys for all of the information you put out out there, & thank Scotty Real for Recharge, the stuff is amazing.