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whats up DGC, respect to the crew

i’ve been around a few friends grows & figured it was time to control my own. i’ve got a couple tents and a few old school lights going on. at some point in the future i’m going to upgrade to full on LEDs in the bloom room. thankfully i’m in a medical state & this is all legit. i’m a young-ish disabled vet growin my own meds after a nightmarish few years being experimented on with psychotropics from the V.A.   ..anyway,

i’ve been a fan of the dgc for a while and recently came to understand the value for value concept & think that this network of knowledge from the dgc is improving my grow. i’ve just now added Recharge to my shelf & am quite stoked to see how it works from seed on up.

thanks dgc

shout out to dude scotty & guru for cranking out the shows. salute.