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Hey what’s going on fellows, really love your show, you guys are funny and informative at the same time, and you keep it real. So I got a two part question here.. I have a grow buddy who I met online in one of them Bud Forum sites. We just hit it off quick, a bromance kind of thing, he helps me with insightful tips and I sometimes help him with shit but he’s been doing this a lot longer than me so kinda cool of him to bring me under his wings.  Here’s the thing… we’re both baffled on these curled downward tips (with some yellowing) we’re both going through right now. He’s growing back East in 17 degree weather, I’m growing in Southern Cal in 80 degree weather, and both getting the curled downward tips. We’re both growing organically in soil. (Super Soil via Earth Dust Amendments) we’re both using fabric pots. I’m in week 8 of flower and he’s about 5 weeks into flower… and some of his leaves are getting brittle. Mine are not brittle.  I don’t know what the pH of his soil is, and I keep barking at him to grab a pH soil pen, my soil seems to check out ok at 7.1 pH today. I’d like to know about everything related to yellowing leaves that dry and fall vs leaves that just get yellow, and is it normal for some leaves to yellow in Flower? (The first two pics are mine, the last two are my GroBuds Flowers)