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What up DGC… I’d love to try my luck at the Dank Nugs Contest… So here are my Contenders I grew 4 Auto-flowers in 7 gallon Radical bags all Organic living Soil Amended and Given Compost Teas and Recharge when needed. So 3 of the 4 Auto-flowers were WhiteFife#43 a Hybrid Indica which had a lot of Purple colors in it from Advanced Genetics and the tall lanky 1 in the Back was Lucid Dreams Kush which was a Hybrid Sativa from Amsterdam Seeds all grown in a 5×5 Tent Ventilated by Ac Infinity that thing is (Rad) 2 Led Lights by Mars Hydro (1000)… lol… Even after all the Shit talked about the Mars Hydro Light I still think they did pretty well…