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My buddy SaintSkinny over at reddit introduced me to the DGC and with his help and this podcast I feel like I have learned more in the past couple months than I had in my entire 20 years of smoking and dabbling in cannabis. This thing was grown when I was still of the mind indoor and outdoor was the same and ph didnt really matter. I was extremely lucky I even got any meds from this plant. It had major calmag issues towards the end. Before finding DGC and I had no clue that you really needed anything more than miracle grow garden soil which is what this plant was grown in, I did give it calmag like 10 weeks into flower (I know I’m stupid but like I say this was before DGC) I had grown outside plants before and garden plants and all you had to do was water this is a totally different animal. I decided to share it because I am growing this strain again properly with coco/perlite 60/40 captains recipe with recharge. I hope to share the results as this plant was pretty amazing and I had no idea what I was doing. I call it purple blurple because it was given to me by a friend who said it came out of some of the best bud he ever smoked (don’t know the actual strain he only had 4 seeds 3 of them ended up being males) and because I grew it under a 1200w phlizon blurple light which I am getting ready to replace asap with a QB light hopefully. Wondering if 2700k or 3000k would be better for flower and do I really need the 660 nm reds? Love the site love the show and love the community and sponsors. This is literally the coolest community I have ever been a part of. It isn’t like the rest of society where people are constantly fighting and arguing its just the chillest bunch of cool people I have ever come to know an I value you all greatly. Thanks a ton for all the entertainment and advice. I hope to share more soon and get some more advice on my current setup. I have learned a lot but there is ALWAYS room for improvement in my opinion. Have a great day everyone and smoke up, peace and love my good people.