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Hello my friends, this is my problem now it’s only my third grow and this show helped me learn a lot but I’m half way through week 5 of flower. The leaves have been for about a week now turning yellow brown. I use gh bloom and cal mag and Recharge. I adjust the pH of my water when not using Recharge to around 6.3 to 6.5 they are in 5 gallon radical bags with ff ocean forest and I have an hlg 600 on them in a 4×4. If y’all could give help a brotha out let me know what to do and if they are gonna be good because this is the first time I spent money on good genetics and I don’t wanna waste it. The ladies are 2 black cherry punch and 2 punch x punch 2.0 the freebie that came with the seeds from in-house genetics.