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What’s up my DGC brothers and sisters. I figured i didn’t feel so noob anymore and was no longer spending midnights by my tent telling my wife this will either kill them or they’ll be huge. I think I’ve just had a few lightbulb moments and am back to getting an even better nights with a few harvests under my belt. I am growing in my basement in a 2x4x6ish Mars hydro tent with an ac infinity t4 with a filter and under a Mars hydro sp3000 light. After a ton of messing around I have it at about 82degrees  and 50 ish humidity. I have only run autos so it’s been kind of an interesting road I’ve traveled. This is my 4th run with 4 at a time. I am still messing around with what media I like best with what nutrients. I just keep each a little different trying things from all the info that I know all of us have hammering around our brains of what will get us to the finish. So this garden i have a stress killer from RQS a white widow from ILGM the tall one is a seedsman northern lights and the one I have tied down i ha e completely forgot. I have lost track of all of the times but it has honestly made it a little more fun. Two are in a coco loco and nature’s living soil mix with a little coast of Maine buds and bloom topdress and water and recharge only. The other two are both in coco loco and one has Neptune’s harvest crab and lobster meal and kelp meal mixed in dry with both getting Neptune’s harvest bottled nutrients. What the hell I’ll get one thing figured out even it the journey has been sooooo therapeutic and a n absolute fucking lifesaver. To all of you thanks for everything. Peace .

PS I have some kind of phosphorus thing going on but I think the ladies are working through it , but any advice would be neat too.