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It doesn’t fit next to my Levo oil II on the counter as it is a bit too tall.

The conversion plates are shipped separately and not here yet.  I want to “xpurment” with smaller amounts first “mohn” (just busting your chops Scotty!).  But I did not post to brag about my toys.

Ok maybe I did a little.  All this shit is cool machinery.  But the main reason I’m posting is to shout out my new buddy Anthony over at in Passaic, New Jersey.  He had the last M-60 in the lower 50 apparently and got it to me fast.

When it arrived a couple screws on one of the heating plates had come loose on the trip but I checked it out and it works fine.  I noticed that the conversion plates were missing and of course called and emailed to see what’s up.  Anthony got back to me within a couple hours.  He was totally concerned and was ready for any return.  I said “no way in hell Tony.  This this is not leaving my possession!” And we both had a laugh. He explained that rosinbomb will ship my plates and if they didn’t he would immediately send an extra set he had there.

Today (the very next day) I have a direct text message from Anthony to inform me my products are shipping from rosinbomb via UPS.  He also said if I don’t receive them by Friday then call him directly and he will make it good.

Anthony went on to tell me he would have more of these in a few weeks.  I wished him luck with that.  Mine went for $1399 which is $200 less than the rosintech sight.  I did how ever see it on rosinbomb for less than I paid but sold out. has tons of cannabis equipment of all levels and Anthony is as solid as they come.  He is even going to call realgrowers because he wants to carry their products back east.  You can trust him DGC.  Peace, love, happiness, prosperity, good health and as always……..Grow, Sift, Preserve!

I think it looks better next to my seed/pollen fridge anyway.